Welcome to the website of the Bronisław Markiewicz State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jarosław (PL).

The Bronisław Markiewicz State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jarosław (PWSTE in Jarosław) was founded on 1 August, 1998 in accordance with the act issued on 26 June, 1997 on Schools of Higher Vocational Education.

We offer studies in 16 fields of studies, such as:

3.5-year Engineering studies:

  • Electronics and Telecommunications 
  • Civil Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Geodesy and Cartography
  • Spatial Development

3-year Bachelor studies:

  • Cosmetology
  • Administration
  • English Philology
  • European Studies
  • Management
  • Nursing
  • Pedagogy
  • Tourism and Recreation
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Internal Security
  • Social Work

You already have a Bachelor's degree. Are you thinking about a Master's degree?

The Bronisław Markiewicz State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jarosław offers 2nd degree (Master's Degree) studies in faculty of management and pedagogy, where education takes 2 years and leads to a master's degree diploma.

We have tailored our educational offer to the needs of the regional labour market, therefore thanks to us our graduates will find employment easily. We guarantee suitable qualifications and increase attractiveness on graduation.

One of the main objectives of higher education is to give an educational start to young people from small and medium-sized villages of south-eastern Poland, to overcome the barriers to educational access and provide the local labour market with professional workers ready for employment in the economic, tourism, medical and construction sector.

 Currently, our school educates approximately 3 600 students!

Our educational offer is correlated with the needs of the region and the secondary education profile in Jarosław and the region. The development of our school is based on a close academic cooperation with universities of Kraków, Lublin and Rzeszów. The graduates of Jarosław higher school take up MA / MSc studies at AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow University of Technology, Lublin University of Technology, Cracow University of Economics, the University of Rzeszów. Our school has signed cooperation agreements with 10 universities in Poland, and with 3 universities in Ukraine and Slovakia.

The time spent at the Bronislaw Markiewicz State School of Higher Technology and Economics in Jarosław is not only work with world-class specialists, education of high quality which guarantees a job but also an occasion to develop passions and interests. Check us, we give you more!

Modern laboratories and new generation equipment!

Choosing studies at PWSTE in Jarosław you acquire qualifications and new skills. Also on account of tools which you work with. The equipment which our school has at its disposal meets the most demanding technical standards. The teaching facilities allow us to extend laboratories and adjust them to dynamic technological development. Thanks to us you will meet the latest solutions and you will not feel the difference. 

Free courses, certificates and trainings!

Extend your knowledge and benefit from a good offer of trainings and courses. Get certificates and increase your qualifications. Language certificates: TELC and LCCI, Computer certificates: ECDL and CISCO look impressive in your CV. We offer you more, among other things licenced programmes: MSDN AA, ArcaVir. And for globetrotters we have prepared a courier course.

Develop your passions!

In the Student's Union, scientific circles, academic radio. Get involved in interesting projects, meet new people, share your experiences. We are waiting just for you!

Meet people with the same dreams!

Our students are represented by the Student Government which carries out a range of activities in the fields of social welfare, sport, charity and culture. It cooperates with other student governments in Poland and abroad; it also takes an active part in the sessions of the Student Parliament of Poland.


Our Campus is modern and the most picturesque in the Podkarpackie Voivodship. You will find everything you need here - a digital library full of materials necessary for classes will be open soon! You will be able to read and work them out there or take them to your room in a hall of residence - a cult place from a point of view of each student. It is the heart of the campus living its own life, where sometimes amusements are more important than studying. In summer you will play volleyball and basketball on the school courts, take part in tennis tournaments on the professional court, take muscle exercises. And in winter there is a sports hall waiting for you and massage chairs in rehabilitation and recreation centre look tempting. You will also take care of your body in a fitness club. In the evenings you will chat with your friends in a student club - Paradox. If the excess of luxury will make you feel unwell, an outpatient clinic is close at hand! See it with your own eyes - join us and see for yourself what the school premises look like!

All the goals and objectives we have set up are, in our opinion, necessary for the proper functioning in the education market and fulfilling the functions each educational institution is assigned. We would like to assure you that we will do our best to realize these priorities to achieve the primary objective, which is the development of the Bronisław Markiewicz State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jarosław.