On May 22-26, 2023 scientists from Turkish Munzur University visited PWSTE within the Erasmus+ Programme. The above university is a longstanding partner of our higher school.

Res. Asst. Sacit SARI and Mehmet YAVUZ were hosted by Magdalena Bojarska, MSc - the Head of International Cooperation Department and Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator of the Bronislaw Markiewicz State University of Technology and Economics in Jaroslaw.

The teaching and training mobilities within the Erasmus+ Programme were enriched with a very exciting meeting with foreign students staying at our university also under the Erasmus+ Programme.

During a very creative stay, many topics regarding current and future cooperation within the Erasmus+ Programme were discussed.

The mobility within the Erasmus+ Programme of the staff results, among others, in increasing job satisfaction, improving social, linguistic and cultural competences, as well as strengthening cooperation with the partner institution. The mobility affects the personal and professional development, as the partcipants expand or establish new contacts, as well as use good practices learned abroad. Staff strengthens language skills by acquiring qualifications specific to the higher education sector relevant to current job and professional development.