20160411 15 prof.Vnukova
On 11-15 April, 2016 we hosted Prof., PhD Nataliya Vnukova from the Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics who took part in the Erasmus + exchange programme. While staying and working in our School, the guest had a meeting with Rector, Assistant Professor Krzysztof Rejman and received a diploma certifying having classes with students during a 5-days stay.
Nataliya Vnuková was a third person who benefited from the exchange program Erasmus + broadening the existing activities to countries outside the European Union as part of the learning mobility of students and university staff resulting from the cooperation with partner countries.

While staying and working in the Institute of Economics and Management (the Finance and Accounting Faculty), the exchange program participant had a meeting with a Deputy Rector for Education Quality, doc. PhD Dorota Dejniak and with a Deputy Rector for Students Affairs, PhD, Eng. Ryszard Pukała, as well as with a Director of the Institute of Economics and Management, PhD Tatiana Kozak-Siara.

The Head of Financial Services Department also took part in two conferences organized at our Higher School "Geodesy -: the possibilities of GIS use in Jaroslaw" and "Internal security - avoiding and combating cyber crimes". The Professor also made an observation of lectures "accreditation, certification and quality audit" and "internal audit" and "marketing of financial services."

Prof., PhD Nataliya Vnuková delivered a lecture entitled "The reform of the European system of education - National Qualifications Framework on the example of Poland and Ukraine." Within the specialized lecture our guest profiled prof. Kalecki - the founder of economic theories. Prof., PhD Nataliya Vnuková focused on the issue relating to the latest scholarships for young researchers and the development of international security systems combating the financial and economic crimes relating to financing and co-financing of terrorism.

Meetings with the students gave the possibility to get information on qualitative and quantitative evaluation of surveys and studies in the marketing of financial services and financial monitoring according to international standards and the prospects of the National Qualifications Framework.