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The representatives of the International Cooperation Department of the Bronisław Markiewicz State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jarosław and foreign students from Spain and Turkey (they stay at our School within the Erasmus+ program), organize a charity campaign for Homeless Animal Shelter in Orzechowce, which take place from 20 November, 2018 till 15 February, 2019. It is conducted at the campus of the Bronisław Markiewicz State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jarosław and at the territory of some stores.

The action was supported by the Honorary Patronage of the Rector, prof. UG, dr hab. Krzysztof Rejman.

The purpose of the initiative is to provide aid in kind for the animals in the shelter. For marked cartons we constantly put dry and wet food stuffs for dogs and cats, as well as toys, leashes, collars, braces, bowls and cat litter, blankets and towels.
Currently, there are about 200 animals in the Homeless Animal Shelter in Orzechowce. They are mostly victims of accidents, exhaustion caused by lonely wandering around the town or negligence caused by the previous owners. As a team of a shelter, we dream about having more and more empathy, people’s sensitiveness to animals suffering and willing to help our smaller pets.
There are various ways to support animal shelters - from provision a temporary place of residence, by giving financial and material help to volunteering - spending your own free time while taking dogs for walks. We strongly encourage you for it.
We ask for help on behalf of dogs and cats. If you can provide a shelter animal with a place of residence - do not hesitate to do it. If you, on the other hand, would like to help, but you can’t physically adapt your pet, you can become its “virtual carer”. Adopting a dog or a cat virtually, you support financially its maintence.