dsc 0422
On the 2-6 December 2019, we hosted PhD Rahşan İpek ÇAVUŞOĞLU, representing Istanbul Esenyurt University. The scientist from Turkish partner university visited PWSTE within the Erasmus+ Programme. M.Sc. Magdalena Bojarska, Head of the International Relations Office of PWSTE in Jarosław was responsible for the implementation of the project on behalf of the Rector of our institution.

Due to the mobility carried out with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme, it was possible to achieve the basic principles of the training programme, such as: strengthening of cooperation with the partner by taking joint ventures, both scientific and the ones relating to everyday activities. At the end of April-May this year, we hosted the Rector of this Turkish university, prof. Sudi Apak.

The main objectives of the visit include support of the internationalization of higher education institutions regarding cooperation between institutions in the field of student education. Internationalization and promotion of both higher schools institutions are also the main tasks. The priority of the above visit was to improve skills and professional qualifications of the representative of the Turkish partner university while staying at a foreign higher school institution of the European Union.

When assessing the implementation of mobility from a perspective, it should be noted that there were a lot of advantages of coming to PWSTE in Jarosław. Noteworthy is also the exchange of experiences and good practices due to systematic cooperation based on the mobility of individual people. Such visits are conducive to integration and regional cooperation in all over the world.