N Vnukova
26-30 March, 2018 prof. dr hab. Nataliya Vnukova as a representative of the Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics visited the Bronisław Markiewicz State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jaroslaw within the Erasmus + exchange programme. While staying in our School the guest met with the Vice-Rector for Student Affairs, PhD Richard Pukała and received a diploma confirming her conducting of classes during a 5-day stay.
Taking part in the Erasmus + exchange program, prof. Nataliya Vnukova was the next person who had benefited from it, extending the scope of current activities to countries outside the European Union as part of the educational mobility of students and university staff, resulting from cooperation with partner countries.
The Head of the Finance Management Faculty also took part in the meeting with Ukrainian students of PWSTE organized by Magdalena Bojarska, the Head of the International Cooperation Department (PWSTE), who was responsible for prof. Nataliya Vnukova’s staying in PWSTE.

While meeting with the students, prof. dr hab. Nataliya Vnukova presented a lecture regarding European financial market integration. It was conducted a comparative insurance market analysis in the European Union and Ukraine; it was also described the areas of financial security, financial supervision.
In the course of meetings and discussions, the framework of current and future cooperation was discussed. The guest visited campus units of our School, met with the representatives of the Business Council, functioning at the Institute of Economics and Management.
During staying of our guest at the Institute of Economics and Management, the project participant also had a meeting with the Director of the Institute of Economics and Management, as well as with the representatives of the Bursarship and the Student Affairs Office. The above mentioned person also visited the district Employment Office in Jarosław.