A Kuznyetsova

On September 10-14, 2018 our higher school visited Rector of Banking University (Kiev) prof. Anzhela Kuznietsova who was invited by M.Sc. Magdalena Bojarska, the Head of the International Cooperation Department (PWSTE). The Banking University of the National Bank of Ukraine (Kiev) is a long-term partner of the the Bronisław Markiewicz State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jarosław (PWSTE).

The visit of PWSTE was connected with the Erasmus + program within educational mobility of students and academic staff of European higher education institution cooperating with partner countries from other parts of the world. Due to inter-institutional agreements within the Erasmus + program, the academic staff as well as the administrative staff of PWSTE (Jarosław) have the opportunity to visit our partner universities located outside the European Union for raising their professional qualifications.

Realizing the above programme, prof. Anzhela Kuznietsova, Rector of Banking University (Kiev) has benefited from the Erasmus + program which was widened by the scope of its activities to countries outside the European Union as part of educational mobility of students and academic staff resulting from the cooperation of PWSTE in Jarosław with partner countries. The aim of visit within the Erasmus + program was to create a unique opportunity to improve skills due to experience exchange of a long-term partner higher education institution. Soft skills development, predisposition of working in an international group, as well as improvement of language skills played an important role. The improvement of qualifications needed in everyday work combined with the exchange of experience, as well as the extending of knowledge in the broadly understood internationalization of higher education institution is considered to be the main benefit of exchange. During the meetings it was discussed the ongoing and future cooperation in the field of youth exchange, as well as planning of joint events, seminars and publications.

The foreign guest was delighted by modern equipment of our Higher School, admiring with structural units of the Campus, including the library, as well as the Recreation and Rehabilitation Center with a gym, a studio for rehabilitation and recreation and a room with armchairs for a self-massage, and above all, with cordial and warm hospitality. The program of straying included also going for sightseeing.

On behalf of Rector of PWSTE our guest has got a diploma certifying her active participation in a training program. The arrival was possible due to the efforts of M.Sc. Magdalena Bojarska, the Head of the International Cooperation Department. It is the Bronisław Markiewicz State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jarosław, which was the applicant institution for getting a grant in “Educational mobility” within the Erasmus + program, where institutions can get funding not only for student and staff exchange with the countries of the program, but also with partner countries outside the European Union.

The application written by the staff of the International Cooperation Department of PWSTE met the formal criteria and in the qualitative assessment obtained a number of points eligible for funding from Foundation for the Development of the Education System of National Agency of the Erasmus + for the implementation of the Erasmus + program, extending the scope of activities outside the EU countries as part of the students and academic staff mobility for the academic year 2017/2018.
In the opinion of experts, the application obtained a very large number of points by providing detailed information regarding qualitative questions in which it was necessary to prove, inter alia, that the project is a part of the internationalization strategy of higher education institutions participating in it and is consistent with the objectives and important aspects of the Erasmus + Program. It was also necessary to describe how the project could contribute to the defined goals and why it is important to cooperate with Ukrainian universities. It was justified that the defined types of mobility are needed, from the point of view, of strategic goals of the higher education institutions. Representatives of other Ukrainian higher education institutions plan to visit our Higher School (including students), as well as our students and academic staff can go to Ukraine.

oprac. mgr Magdalena Bojarska,
Rzecznik Prasowy i Kierownik Działu Współpracy Międzynarodowej PWSTE w Jarosławiu