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Photo relation from the trip of Erasmus+ student in PWSTE

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Savas Avci Budapest

Budapest was awesome. I've spent like five days in Budapest. I think it's the most beautiful city in Europe after Prague. I saw almost all of places to see. Buda Castle, Liberty Statue, Heroes Square, House of Terror Parliament Building , Fisherman's Bastion, Churches etc. If you haven't gone there yet, you should take a trip immediately...

Savaş Avcı

MY HOMETOWN - BODRUM - movie made by Savas Avci - Erasmus+ student in PWSTE in Jarosław!

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Please take a look at the movie made by Savas Avci - Erasmus+ exchange student from Usak University in Turkey, who spend the whole academic year 2016/2017 at the Bronislaw Markiewicz State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jaroslaw (Poland). Savas' field of study is Advertising and Public Relations at the Faculty of Communication in the mother University. Recorded video movie describes his hometown Bodrum. SAVAS! GREAT, PROFESSIONAL JOB! THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE BEAUTIFUL RELATION! BEST GREETINGS FOR YOUR FAMILY!

Foreign students staying in PWSTE within the Erasmus+ Programme in the academic year 2016/2017 (winter semester)

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Savas Avci – Field of study: Advertising and Public Relations
Faculty of Communication

Mohammed Zaker Nadiri - Field of study: Public Administration
Faculty of Political Science

Altymyrat Jorayev - Field of study: Information System Engineering
Faculty of Computer Science and Technology Information

Recep Budak - Field of study: International Relations
Faculty of Political Science

Erdem Orhan - Field of study: Electric and Electronics Engineering
Faculty of Engineering

Muhammed Altıparmak - Field of study: International Relations
Faculty of Political Science

Emir Köroğlu - Field of study: Hospitality Managament
Faculty: Faculty of Tourism

Juan Garcia Gallego - Field of study: English Studies
Faculty of Letters


Presentations of foreign students' countries and universities staying in PWSTE within the Erasmus + Programme

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20161208 Erasmus

Erasmus students who came from different countries to PWSTE introduced their countries and their home universities to the PWSTE’s students by making presentations to the end of the semester. Students who came from Spain, Turkey, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan offered the most prefered universities in their countries to the PWSTE’s students. There was totally cultural fusion.


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20170120 21

International Relations Department of the Bronislaw Markiewicz State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jarosław organized a bus trip to Bieszczady Mountains for Erasmus+ students, which was guided by PhD Marcin Warchoła. The trip lasted 2 days. First station was Sanok town. During the first day, Erasmus+ students had visited the two viewpoints of Bieszczady Mountains, The Museum of Folk Architecture, The Historical Museum in Renaissance Castle and The Old Town of Sanok. And the second station of the trip was Ustrzyki Dolne town. During this day, students had visited the Solina dam and The Museum of Natural BNP in Ustrzyki and Przemyśl town, which was last station of the trip. During these two days, I really enjoyed as one of the Erasmus students. I was impressed when I saw museums, mountains views and the highest dam in Poland. Our university provided great opportunities for us. One of them was the transport support. During the trip, we traveled by bus. Another one was accommodation support. We stayed in a cozy hotel in Sanok. We had dinner and breakfast in hotel. By the way, one important thing about museums was that we had English guides in all museums which we visited. The another great thing was that we did not pay for anything. Financal support was provided by our university - PWSTE in Jarosław. We are happy to be here.

Recep Budak, Erasmus+ student from Sakaraya University inTurkey (traineeship in PWSTE within the Erasmus+ Programme - 10.2016-04.2017)

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