If you like challenges and quick decision making, this faculty is for You! Logistics and Forwarding is an adventure!
Communication skills, the ability to make quick and accurate decisions, as well as teamwork are the basic skills that you can improve. Everyone who has the ability to think logically can study at this faculty. Knowledge and skills that you can get as part of engineering studies will be used in all types of manufacturing enterprises, distribution and logistics centers, in the TSL sector (Transport - Shipping - Logistics). The core of the program are the subjects relating to modern logistics systems, including chain management - especially in the automotive industry - just-in-time, in line sequencing, supply logistics, production and distribution. The program has been developed in cooperation with business partners (Lear Corporation, O-I Produkcja Polska, OMEGA Pilzno) and corresponds to actual demand of employers for the above competences and technical skills. The apprenticeship that lasts for 6 months in the relevant enterprises will allow you to consolidate engineering competences and ensure smooth labor market entry.