Enrich your knowledge and learn the secrets of comprehensive body care while studying Cosmetology at PWSTE. This is the only higher education institution in Podkarpacki region where you can study at the above faculty for free!
Cosmetic services are in fashion. The demand for highly qualified specialists in this field is constantly increasing. Therefore, we should be adapted to the requirements of the labor market to move with the times. While studying at PWSTE, you will be able to use professional cosmetic equipment which is constantly updated. Cosmetology is a modern field of study where practical training is of great importance. During the studies, you will learn how to perform professional care and beauty treatments, and learn how to effectively counteract skin aging. You will learn how human body functions, and you will be able to determine the composition of the cosmetic products. You will take part in lectures conducted by medical professionals in specialized Laboratories of Skin Care Cosmetology and Image Consulting and Styling.