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Enrich your knowledge and learn the secrets of comprehensive body care while studying Cosmetology at PWSTE. This is the only higher education institution in Podkarpacki region where you can study at the above faculty for free!Cosmetic services are in fashion. The demand for highly qualified specialists in this field is constantly increasing. Therefore, we should be adapted to the requirements of the labor market to move with the times. While studying at PWSTE, you will be able to use professional cosmetic equipment which is constantly updated. Cosmetology is a modern field of study where practical training is of great importance. During the studies, you will learn how to perform professional care and beauty treatments, and learn how to effectively counteract skin aging. You will learn how human body functions, and you will be able to determine the composition of the cosmetic products. You will take part in lectures conducted by medical professionals in specialized Laboratories of Skin Care Cosmetology and Image Consulting and Styling.


Aren’t you indifferent to human suffering? Do you enjoy helping others? Do you have such traces of character as responsibility and sensitivity? Choose Nursing at PWSTE and devoteyourself to work in the medical sector. While studying in this field, you can be sure that you will obtain the required qualifications under the guidance of experienced academic teachers. We have a well-equipped didactic base, due to which you will acquire practical skills. During classes, you will broaden your horizons in nursing, medical and social sciences. The highly qualified staff will teach you to care for the sick, disabled and dying people. You will be able to perform preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation services. You will have the possibility to check the acquired knowledge and skills during practical training in medical and educational institutions. This field of study is a forward-looking one because of aging society. Therefore, the demand for professional nursing care is constantly growing.

Social Work - Second Degree Studies

Do you like to help others and enjoy working for another person? Do you want to provide professional assistance to people in need? Study SOCIAL WORK (second degree studies) at PWSTE and improve your occupational qualifications due to getting a Master’s degree. The tasks faced by social assistance units result in a growing demand for specialists in the field of social work. If you are interested in professional support for people in difficult life situations – for dependent people, then social work is for You. It is a field of study addressed to graduates of bachelor’s, engineering and master's degree in the area of humanities, social sciences, medical sciences and health sciences. During your studies, in addition to knowledge in the field of psychology, sociology and philosophy, you will also gain knowledge and specialized skills relating to: social work methods, legal system of social assistance, social assistance management and supervision in social work. The graduates get knowledge and skills necessary to carry out tasks dealing with diagnosis of situations and phenomena that are the cause of difficult life situations, marginalization and exclusion.

Social Work –First Degree Studies

Do you like to help others and enjoy working for another person? Use you caring skills and study SOCIAL WORK. To become a successful social worker, one should have knowledge in Psychology, Sociology and Law. The above profession requires such abilities as: being open-minded, dealing with people, changing attitudes through persuasion or taking specific actions. That is why, during your studies, you will master practical skills in the field of interpersonal communication, due to which, you will be able to effectively recognize the essence of human behavior and social processes. Making diagnoses and using key techniques to solve problems is a particularly important skill. Studying in the above field will also give you a possibility to understand the human-environment relationship and will enable you to understand the processes that occur in the human psyche. In turn, economic and legal knowledge will allow you to understand better the mechanisms influencing social services, their formal and legal aspects.