Do you enjoy working with children? Are you creative and can you establish close relationships with other people? If you are characterized by openness and willingness to develop your skills, Pedagogy is Your field of study. Start your studies at PWSTE!

Educating the youth is an extremely responsible and engaging task. However, Pedagogy does not only focus on the children. The purpose of education in this field is: to prepare professional staff to work with children as well as with youth, adults and even the elderly. By choosing education in this field, you will train on diagnostics, therapy and social assistance. The additional skills will be the following ones: interpersonal training, organization of the therapeutic process and education of the youth and adults. What’s more, you will learn the secrets of effective communication, as well as teaching and training skills. The studies are mainly of practical nature. In addition, during apprenticeship training, it will be possible the transformation of theoretical knowledge into practical applications.

Employment prospects

Graduates of Pre-school and Early-school Pedagogy obtain qualifications for the position of a teacher:

  • in kindergartens, nursery schools and other early school units,
  • in early school units at schools (including the former “0” department),
  • in primary schools (I –III Forms),
  • in schools and integrated kindergartens,
  • in day- care rooms,
  • in nurseries (pre-school department),
  • in children’s homes.

Benefits of studying:

Pre-school and Early-school Pedagogy is a field of study the graduates of which are the teaches in kindergartens and in primary schools (I-III Forms). The graduates get knowledge, methodical skills and social competences in the field of early education. Classes are conducted by highly qualified academic staff providing theoretical and practical knowledge. The study program includes alternative ways of organizing the process of care, teaching and raising children in pre-school and early school education, and is based on the results of the latest research. Pre-school and Early-school Pedagogy students are taught to undertake innovative activities for change in early education. A new concept of personalized selection of attractive subjects in the curriculum has been come up with in Pre-school and Early-school Pedagogy. Students can deepen their general and specialized knowledge by participating in: student research clubs, international exchange programs; internships organized in various educational institutions; domestic and foreign student volunteer activities; cooperation with interested parties.