Do you like to help others and enjoy working for another person? Do you want to provide professional assistance to people in need? Study SOCIAL WORK (second degree studies) at PWSTE and improve your occupational qualifications due to getting a Master’s degree.

The tasks faced by social assistance units result in a growing demand for specialists in the field of social work. If you are interested in professional support for people in difficult life situations – for dependent people, then social work is for You. It is a field of study addressed to graduates of bachelor’s, engineering and master's degree in the area of humanities, social sciences, medical sciences and health sciences. During your studies, in addition to knowledge in the field of psychology, sociology and philosophy, you will also gain knowledge and specialized skills relating to: social work methods, legal system of social assistance, social assistance management and supervision in social work. The graduates get knowledge and skills necessary to carry out tasks dealing with diagnosis of situations and phenomena that are the cause of difficult life situations, marginalization and exclusion.