Do you set goals? Are you consistent in achieving them? Do you have such leadership qualities as charisma or being well-organized? If you prefer a managerial position, Management is the field of study due to which you will be at the top of a tree.

According to the data from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Management is one of the most popular fields of study. People are very interested in this field as they have a wide range of possibilities after graduation. What’s more, it is an interdisciplinary field of study that accumulates economic, social and legal knowledge. During your studies you will gain knowledge about the processes taking place in organizations. You will learn how to diagnose, and what is the most important, how to solve the problems. You will learn how to make quick decisions, taking into account the possible risks. During the course, you will also develop practical skills: teamwork, negotiation, effective communication and persuasion. Studies in the field of management may be particularly useful for those who are working or are still going to perform managerial functions in companies and in public administration.